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TERMS & CONDITIONS (and Technical Rider)

Richard and Ashlee are herein referred to as “Artists”


***All flights are to be booked via Delta Airlines or an affiliate.  This factor is non-negotiable, thank you for understanding!***


Before establishment of rate:

 - Event capacity/anticipated attendance

 - Event type (promotion, private party, corporate event, etc.)

 - Company affiliated with event, if applicable 

 - Flooring type

 - Indoor or outdoor

 - Full act, ambient or combination (full act or combo preferred)

 - Stage type, space dimensions and layout

 - Estimated time commitment for rehearsals and time on-site for DOE

 - Performance set requirements and timing (example: 3 minute full act, 10 minute ambient aerial, 10 minute ambient walk around with intermittent skills and guest interaction)

 - Determine whether there will a possibility be use of oil, fire, fuel, water or messy acts of any kind on performance surface

Domestic and International travel:

 - Out-of-town work requires a 24-hour buffer for any travel of a combined five (5) hours or longer. Any same-day travel of less than five total hours must allow five hours of preparation time before performance. 

 - All flights will be arranged via Delta Airlines or an affiliated airline.  This is non-negotiable.  This will alleviate baggage fees on Hirer’s end.

 - Hotel accommodations will be provided for all overnights and for performances finishing after midnight (excl. NYC)

-Per Diem of $125 per performer, per day on multi-day events (additional to performance rate) will be provided unless all meals are provided and those meals adhere to dietary requirements (to be discussed before arrival)

Image agreement:

All photography and video footage of artists will be provided to Artists upon receipt.  Artists’ image may not be used for promotion without expressed written permission.  Internal use only.  Neither images nor video may be transferred to other parties under any circumstance without expressed written permission.  Any use of Artists’ image requires signed image release(s) and separate contractual agreement detailing usage, including social media.


Technical rider:

 - Clean, level, stable performance surface 

 - Floor must be clean, swept, mopped with Coca-Cola solution if slippery and dry prior to performance

 - 12’ minimum ceiling height*

 - 12’x12’ minimum floor space for ground level* 

 - 12’x16’ minimum floor space for elevated wallless platforms* 

 - Marley flooring preferred*

*Exceptions can only be made if there is a separate rehearsal day with finalized set up of room and prior notice at least three days before arrival.



 - Min of four towels available per day

 - Min of ten bottles of water available per day

 - Reserved warm-up space minimum 8’x8’ 

 - Mirror with plenty of light 


Safety and quality assurance agreement:

Hirer will notify Artists immediately of any use of oil, fire, fuel, confetti, excessive glitter, water or any other messy substance/materials on the performance surface, regardless of whether their use is occurring before or after Artists act(s).


Please note: Only contracts hiring Artists through an EIN number will be considered independent contractor contracts.  If no EIN number is requested by or provided to Hirer, Artists are to be considered employees by New York State law.  All independent contractor contracts must adhere to the terms and conditions above.  If terms and conditions are not met without prior notice, Artists maintain sole discretion in modifying, adjusting and/or canceling their performance for full contracted fee.

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